Blog Friday

There’s (probably?) no better way to get back in the habit of blogging regularly than to…blog regularly. So that’s the goal: at least one post a week, on Friday. Welcome to this one! I hope everyone had a good Hallowe’en, and hey, it’s only 331 days until next Hallowe’en Season (i.e. the entire month of October) starts. As usual, I had a vague notion that I might tackle the October Horror Movie Challenge (watch 31 horror movies during the month, ideally at least half which I haven’t seen before), but as usual, I didn’t end up doing that. Did finally watch Halloween (2018), though, and wow, that’s a great movie. Highly recommended.

Last week when discussing Twitter alternatives, I didn’t mention Discord, although I know a lot of people have been talking about that service as a post-Twitter destination. I do use The Fancy IRC, but I consider it a chat app, not a social media site. Both are useful categories, but they have different purposes.

In other news, today is also Bandcamp Friday, when Bandcamp waives their share of revenue from music sales, so it’s a great day to pick up some new music.

I guess that’s it for this week. They can’t all be winners, eh?

Happy Third Lastjediversary

Three years ago today, December 15th 2017, the best Star Wars movie to date — by the director who, to date, showed the best understanding of what Star Wars is about and what it’s for — hit theaters. So this is just a quick appreciation post for Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi, which was so much better than it needed to be, and whose most important themes were, as far as I can tell, immediately and thoughtlessly cast aside as soon as J.J. Abrams came back to the franchise.

I should do a whole-series rewatch soon.