About Scott

Hello, my name is Scott Madin, and I’ll be your blogger this evening.  Or afternoon, or morning, whichever.

I am a nerd by inclination, and a computer scientist and software engineer by education and training.  I live inside 128, with my partner — a Harvard PhD student — and our two cats.  For three years I was employed in the healthcare division of Nuance Communications, but I was laid off in June 2010, and started my current position at Sonos in September of that year.

I originally intended this blog to serve two purposes: a place to write about and discuss my thoughts on computer science and software engineering, and a professional web presence which I hoped would be useful in finding my next position.  As such, my résumé is still hosted here.

My professional interests include in particular (but are of course not limited to) distributed systems; dynamic languages, and the snail’s-pace creep of “modern” language features into the creaky, yet still dominant, behemoths of the C lineage; games development; embedded systems and physical computing; UI/HCI design and accessibility; and operating system design.  I’m also interested in development processes, but I have a powerful allergy to the faddishness and, it seems to me, ahistorical hyperbole endemic to that particular subfield — something I mean to write a full post on eventually.

I also blog at Fineness & Accuracy, where I discuss politics, culture, my occasional homebrewing hobby, and more or less anything else that isn’t pretty directly related to designing and building software.

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