New Year’s Day, 2023

Let’s all do better than we did last year.

Here we are again with another brand new year. 2022 was…pretty rough, frankly, so arbitrary and socially-constructed though it is, I’m glad of a symbolic clean slate and fresh start.

My goals, at least as far as is relevant to this blog, for the coming year include:

  • Do my best to post at least weekly
  • Write about my projects as I work on them
  • Actually finish some projects
  • Research options for possibly moving off hosting

That last is because (unless I pay a considerable amount for a “business” account, which I won’t be doing) I can’t use most WP plugins on this blog, which means I can’t set it to auto-post to ActivityPub when I publish, the way it does to Twitter (the only reason my Twitter account still exists). I used to know my way around administering a server, so the right move might just be finding a hosting service that provides shell access so I can customize what’s running.

We’ll see. For now, it’s just about time to give my cat his morning pills, and then I have a New Year’s Day brunch to fix, and it’s sunny and mild here today, so after that I’m going for a walk.

Happy new year, everyone. Let’s all do better than we did last year.